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If you watch pro football you’ve seen the commercials where the husband (I assume) gives a new Lexus to his wife. Does this really happen? I mean I’m sure somewhere it does just no one I know. How about you? I thought I’d research it a little.

In good times or bad, statistics show that vehicles – fancy and frugal ones – bought as gifts are a tiny portion of new-car sales.

Last year, 1.53 percent of new-car sales, or 17,516 vehicles, were given as gifts, says Oregon-based CNW Marketing Research Inc. In 2000, when the economy was purring along, 29,018 new vehicles were given as gifts, representing 2.34 percent of sales. Still, that is an elite fleet of very happy recipients.

This year, teacher Heather Korenkiewicz is among that group.

Her husband, Michael Korenkiewicz, who works for a sales and marketing company, dramatically revealed Monday what her big Christmas present would be. When the doorbell rang at their Mount Laurel front door, he said, “It’s for you.”

“I opened the door, and there was a little gift bag,” she said. “There was a Lexus key in there.”

On Tuesday, the couple, along with nearly 4-month-old Chase, were at the Cherry Hill Lexus dealer to pick it up. Since a car does not fit in a gift box, the white SUV was parked in a room off the showroom – topped, of course, with a giant red bow.

Heather, holding Chase, walked up to it and excitedly told the baby, “Your daddy has been very good to us this year.”

Very, very good – especially considering they agreed to spend no more than $25 on a gift for each other.

Not everyone is happy to get a car. McCartney recalls one man, about five years ago, who came in with tears in his eyes the day after Christmas. The man described to him his wife’s reaction.

“He’s like, ‘Surprise, Merry Christmas, here’s your new Lexus!’ And she’s like, ‘Are you crazy?’ ”

The man said his wife threatened to divorce him if he did not return the car.

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