Dec 072011
What Your Tires Tell You - Wear Patterns

Your tires can give you a good indication on the health of your suspension.  Abnormal wear patterns are often caused by the need for simple tire maintenance, or front end alignment. Tires should be inspected at every opportunity; once a week isn’t too often. Learning to read the early warning signs of trouble can prevent [...]

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Nov 302011
Revealed - Toyota Scion FR-S

Toyota’s in the fun to drive market with their new 200 horsepower reer wheel drive sport machine. In Japnan the car will be called the ‘Toyota 86′, in Europe it’s the GT 86′ and  in USA it’s the ‘Scion FR-S’. 5 years in development, Toyota banking it will look like more of a performance machine. – Top speed [...]

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Nov 242011
Thousand Oaks Customer Asks - What is a Strut?

What is a Strut? Struts serve multiple purposes because different components are integrated into  one assembly. While the vehicle is moving, its spring supports the vehicle’s weight  to allow it to adapt to road irregularities. Also while traveling, the internal  shock absorber dampens the spring movement as it rebounds and compresses. Struts  affect vehicle control [...]

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